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Personalized Christmas Holiday Tree Red Green Bookmarks - Printable

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Red and green Christmas DIY printable bookmarks for your children or students that can be personalized with their names and a message from you, and when printed on card stock makes for a durable reading gift. They are designed in red and green, with a white holiday tree decorated in circles, with a yellow star at the top. Parents and teachers love these affordable bookmarks because you can print as many as you need, changing the names as needed. Teachers can print these bookmarks for Christmas every year and change the names to fit their classroom.

PLEASE NOTE: The fonts, font colors, or font size cannot be changed. The children's names are changed individually, while the Holiday message below updates on every tag at once.

Adobe Acrobat is recommended for printing these pages, as editing the names works best with this program. You will need to change the names every time you print, and you'll print one page at a time. Then, carefully cut these bookmarks from these printable pages.


  • 8.5" x 11" printable PDF page.
  • Edit the names and message (every time you print).
  • Red and Green for Christmas.
  • Print a new page every time you need more.

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