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Daytime Nighttime Tasks Children's Chore Charts - Printable

Daytime Nighttime Tasks Children's Chore Charts - Printable

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Colorful printable daytime nighttime tasks 'chore charts' for children that you use as a parent to help your kids stay on track with everything they need to do to get ready each morning, and prepare for bedtime each night. Are you tired of having to ask your kids every morning and every night if they remembered to do everything they were supposed to do? This chart helps your child(ren) remember on their own. It helps them grow in personal responsibility.

These DIY charts work best when they are cut to size and attached to a metal or magnetic backing of your choice. The center white area is a place for storing small magnets (purchased on your own elsewhere. Contact us post-purchase if you need a suggestion on where to buy magnets that work best). You write whatever you feel your kids need to remember each morning and night in the pastel squares. The top row of pastel squares are for the morning routine, and the bottom pastel row is for the nighttime routine. As they complete those tasks, they move their magnets to the outlined white squares below the tasks. After they've gone to bed, reset the magnets to the center area so they're ready for the next day's tasks.

This purchase gets you the pink and green sheets, in one bundled purchase.


  • BUNDLE: (2) 8.5" x 11" printable PDF pages.
  • Carefully cut the charts to size and attached to a metal or magnetic backing.
  • 2 color options for boys or girls.
  • Print more than once, if you need to replace or update the tasks.
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