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Toddler Chore Chart - Green Boy Daily Routine Weekly Page - Printable

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A green printable toddler chore chart for a young child that you use as a parent to help your kid learn to do their daily routine on their own and grow personal responsibility. Teaching kids at a young age, as young as a toddler, to have responsibility in doing daily tasks has a wide variety of benefits.

Print a new chart every week. This chart includes tasks for: brushing their teeth in the morning, getting dressed, and making the bed. They also include evening tasks for cleaning up their toys, putting their dirty clothes away, and brushing their teeth before bedtime.

This purchase gets you the green and gray toddler chore chart. Other charts are available in shop.


  • (1) 8.5" x 11" printable PDF page.
  • Visually stimulating. Includes pictures to illustrate tasks.
  • Green and gray color scheme, ideal for boys.
  • Print a new page every week, as needed.

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