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Gold Glitter Groom Sign - 5x7 - Printable

Created by Julie Farrell

Gold Glitter Groom Sign - 5x7 - Printable



Create an eye-catching piece or art for where the groom sits at his wedding! So many uses can be thought of for this rustic "Groom" sign. Use for the back of the chair at the reception dinner, or frame them and place on the tabletop where the bride and groom sit and liven up the table. Perhaps hang from the dressing room door where the bride is getting ready! Ohh! Props for that photo booth you rented at your reception!!! Eek!

One thing is for sure, this is the perfect way to add some glitz and glam to your wedding day, wherever you use it!

  • Printable 5" x 7" Sign.
  • Glitter is digital/faux. If your printer can print actual glitter please let me know because I want to buy on now! Or borrow yours. ;)
  • Matching "Bride" sign is available as well.
  • You will download a pdf files that contains: 8.5" x 11" sized sheet holds (2) 5" x 7" signs.

Come on now you can totally do this! Just print, cut and then frame, embellish or bedazzle anyway you see fit and go get these rocking for your wedding or Bride!

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