FAQs, Troubleshooting, and Important Details


  • Fonts, colors and layout are ONLY available as shown.
  • Colors may vary between online viewing and your actual printed product. All monitors display color differently, all printers distribute color differently, and the material you print on receives color differently than others. Please take this into consideration when placing your order. Exact color matching can never be guaranteed.
  • These are digital files. You will not receive a physical product upon purchase. Every aspect of their use is solely DIY, for which you are responsible, including but not limited to printing.

FAQs and Troubleshooting:

 I'm having trouble editing my editable files....

With any editable (personalized) PDF, I highly recommend using the Adobe Acrobat Reader to edit and print them. It's typically the best PDF reader to handle editing. If anything in your file isn't appearing correctly, please try Adobe Reader before contacting for customer service. It solves 99% of any potential issues.

A free version can be downloaded here: http://get.adobe.com/reader/

My labels or stickers aren't lining up to the label or sticker paper at all.

The most common reason this can happen is if you don't have "Actual Size" selected in your PDF print settings. If you have "Fit to Page" selected, it will shrink the page to fit within the printer's margins and not print to the correct size needed for your labels or stickers.

If your alignment is off by just a little, this could be due to your printer. All printers are different, and may not draw your label page through the printing process exactly as it needs to in order to line everything up correctly from the file to the label or sticker paper. Printable Planning is not responsible for this potential alignment issue.

Custom and personalized orders

If custom work or personalization is requested, a custom design fee will be required to make any and all changes. This fee varies depending on the request but in most cases to make a simple change an existing file is about $10.00. To have something custom designed for you or to make big changes to a file will start at $25.00. This pricing is solely at the Designer's discretion. Availability to do custom work will vary.

NOTE: Files for sale are sold at an "as-is" price. Any custom work for any changes will make the cost of that file higher because of the custom design fees.

Custom request or inquiry must be communicated before any purchase is made.

Why isn't my download link available yet?

In most cases file delivery is immediate after purchase via a link provided to you via email and your purchase confirmation page.

If your payment type requires time to clear (ie. PayPal eCheck), your download will be available after your payment clears.

Please be patient if this happens. Nothing can be done to speed up this process as it is out of our control and is up to PayPal or other to clear the payment.

Can I cancel my order and/or get a refund?

As file delivery is immediately available for your purchase of these digital goods, no refunds will be issued. Please be sure you need/want the files you are buying BEFORE you purchase. Please read ALL details of the product in the description, and ask questions if you are unsure about any aspect of its use.

All sales are final, but please contact us if you have any problems with your order. Thank you!