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Bill Payment Tracker Log - Printable xlsm EXCEL file

Bill Payment Tracker Log - Printable xlsm EXCEL file

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An in-app (Excel) and printable bill payment tracker log to help you keep track of paying your bills every month so that you don't miss or forget a payment for the entire year. Do you have a lot of bills? Do you dread paying bills and keeping all of the due dates straight? This bill payment tracker is designed to help you never miss a bill payment date again.

How to use:

  • Gather all of your bills and put them input them into the Excel sheet in order by the date they're due. Include anything that is due every month on the same date.
  • Include the name of the bill, the typical rounded dollar amount owed, and the date of each month that it is due.
  • As you pay your bills, click to add a check to the checkbox of the month that you paid the bill.
    (NOTE: You may also input the info of your bills and print to add the checks to the checkboxes yourself by hand via pen or pencil.)

IMPORTANT (please read):

  • This .xlsm (Excel) file is macro-enabled, so your application must support this. It allows the checkboxes to function.
  • Input only. You may fill in your bill details and add checks to each checkbox, however the months and layout of the form cannot be selected or changed.
  • UPDATE: The dollar amount column has been made slightly wider than the date column, as shown in the main product image (not the in-app images).

This Excel file or printable sheet will help you for an entire year. It allows you to immediate see what bills you have already paid and which bills are due next. It allows you to see if you're behind on anything and if you've paid ahead on any as well. It's an instant visual of the current state of all of your bills.


  • Excel .xlsm file (macro-enabled). Excel application required (not included).
  • Formatted to fit an 8.5" x 11" page when printed.
  • Simple and clean.
  • Easily keep track of your bills as you pay them.
  • Digital/Printable purchase. No physical goods will be sent. (Application to read/use file not included).
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