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Compartmentalized Scratch Paper - Half Page - Printable

Compartmentalized Scratch Paper - Half Page - Printable

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Printable compartmentalized scratch paper (half page) for your daily personal or business activities. If you're the type that writes little notes everywhere, on little pieces of paper, on empty envelopes, and they're everywhere, you may find that you need this compartmentalized scratch paper.

Print out a bunch of them, cut them in half, and stick them on one of those little half page clipboards you find at the store. This makes this a sturdy, tangible, portable, and contained solution. Every time you need to write a little note, a phone number, a tiny math problem, or anything else random, write it down in one of the boxes on this sheet. As boxes become irrelevant, put a big "X" over the box. If a box never becomes irrelevant, find a more permanent place to write down your note before discarding that sheet of scratch paper.

Print as many sheets as you need, or a new sheet every time you need one. Finally get rid of those tiny little note papers or torn off paper pieces, and organize your thoughts, and your desk or table.


  • (2) compartmentalized half page scratch papers on (1) 8.5" x 11" printable PDF page.
  • Cut pages in half using scissors or paper cutter (be careful!).
  • Organize your random notes.
  • Simple and clean.
  • Excellent for both personal and business uses.
  • Print a new printable compartmentalized scratch paper (half page) every time you need more.
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