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Daily Vitamin Tracking 2-inch Square Stickers - Printable

Daily Vitamin Tracking 2-inch Square Stickers - Printable

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Daily Vitamin Tracking 2-inch Square Stickers for tracking your daily vitamin consumption. If you're like me and can't always take your vitamins at the same time every day because of your schedule, you may not always remember whether or not you took them that day. Print these 2" stickers and stick them to your vitamin bottles, write the current month, and cross of the dates as you take your vitamins. (Keep a pen or marker near your vitamins.)

The 31st date is gray so that it separates it from the other 30 days of each month, making it easy to use them whether the month has 30 days or 31 days. For February, you're on your own. ;) You can cross off the irrelevant dates before you use a sticker for February.


  • 8.5" x 11" printable PDF page.
  • Fits Avery template #22816 or comparable template. See Avery for details. (Non-glossy sticker paper is better for writing on the stickers every day.
  • 12 stickers per page. 2" square stickers.
  • Affix these stickers to your monthly vitamin bottles.
  • DIY, you will be responsible for printing these pages on the correct sticker paper.
  • Print a new page of these Daily Vitamin Tracking 2-inch Square Stickers every time you need more.
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