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Pink Star Personalized Bookplate Stickers - Printable

Pink Star Personalized Bookplate Stickers - Printable

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Modern DIY printable pink star personalized bookplate stickers for your child that can be personalized with their name. They're designed with a pink background color, a pink star at the top, and the name personalized in white. Above the personalized name, these stickers read: "This book belongs to". Parents and teachers love these affordable bookplate stickers because you can print as many as you need, changing the name every time you print.

Personalize the name on one sticker and the remaining stickers all update to that name, saving you time and hassle. NOTE: Don't let the name go near the edge as this design contains a bleed area and may cause the name to get cut off. A good guide is to make the name shorter than the "this book belongs to" sentence.

Adobe Acrobat is recommended for printing these pages, as editing the name works best with this program. You will need to change the name every time you print, and you'll print one page at a time.


  • 8.5" x 11" printable PDF page.
  • Fits Avery template #22807 or comparable template. See Avery for details.
  • Color: Pink.
  • 12 stickers per page. 2" stickers. Design contains a bleed area so your design prints to the edge on template sticker paper. Design is slightly over 2" if you manually cut them to the edge on non-template sticker paper.
  • DIY, you will be responsible for this project and the supplies required.
  • Print a new page of these printable pink star personalized bookplate stickers every time you need more.
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