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Profit Loss Statement with Auto-Calculating Totals - Printable

Profit Loss Statement with Auto-Calculating Totals - Printable

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An interactive printable Profit Loss statement for small businesses and eCommerce sole-proprietors. This editable form allows you to keep track of your monthly totals for revenue, cost of goods sold, expenses, and taxes. It auto-calculates your totals for you, for each section, for gross profit, and net profit. Page 2, a bonus page, is for small businesses to help them with their totals needed for filing their Quarterly Estimated Taxes, and have their Year End totals. The 2 page completely auto-calculates using the data from Page 1.

This form is a great benefit to small business owners and sole-proprietors who do not use accounting software and don't have office suite software that is typically used for these calculations.


  • Edit line items in each section (the sections cannot be edited). This updates on both pages when change one page.
  • Enter your totals for each line item, each month. Your totals will auto-calculate, saving you time and effort.
  • The 2nd page, for the estimated quarterly numbers is a bonus page, so if those filing dates don't align with your business needs, though you still have the year end total on that page, you're still getting the monthly totals on the front page to use as you need!


• Currency formatted for USD.
• IMPORTANT: Input negative numbers with a minus sign for all returns, costs, expenses, and tax rates. Calculations will not be correct without them.
• Fonts, colors, and sections are available only as shown. The layout cannot be changed. Text positions cannot be moved. Everything is available as shown, you just change the highlighted information and the amounts.
• THIS FORM IS NOT TO BE USED AS TAX ADVICE. No tax advice can be offered.
• This is a 2-page editable PDF file, not a computer program. It is not interactive with any accounting software or any other program. Adobe Acrobat Reader is most recommended for all editing.
• The calculated amounts can sometimes take a couple seconds to update. Input information for all rows in a column/month, adding $0.00 when an amount does not apply, to ensure the calculations can finish processing. Remember, this is a PDF file with a couple hundred interactive fields and calculations, not accounting software. Please be patient after adding or changing amounts or percentages.


  • 2-Page 8.5" x 11" printable PDF.
  • Professional clean layout.
  • Use this Profit Loss statement every year. (It is recommended to save the file under a new name before proceeding, so you have the original file to start with when a new year begins.)
  • Edit and print profit loss statement as needed.
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