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Quest to Count to 100 - BUNDLE of 4 Kids Counting Sheets - Printable

Quest to Count to 100 - BUNDLE of 4 Kids Counting Sheets - Printable

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Help your student or child learn to count to 100 using these progress-tracking printable 'Quest to Count to 100' sheets.

Printable BUNDLE of 4 Kids Counting sheets to help your child or student learn to count to 100. These pages track the progress of how far they can count to 100 without errors, by having them color in the circles to mark their progress. Once they can make it to 100 without error, they will have all of their circles colored in.

This Bundle includes 4 colors: blue, pink, green, and purple. Use a marker to write in the child's name in the colored rectangle at the top to personalize the chart for them. Great for teachers with many students and the need to track their progress in learning to count to 100.

These PDF files are compressed in a ZIP file that you will need to unzip after download.


  • (4) 8.5" x 11" printable PDF pages, in a compressed ZIP file.
  • (4) Colors: Blue, Pink, Green, and Purple.
  • Full page teacher's student counting chart. 
  • Ideal for Kindergarten and 1st Grade levels.
  • (100) Progress circles.
  • Visually appealing.
  • Print a new kids counting sheet every time you need more, for every class you teach.
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