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Scheduling Sheet with Notes - Printable

Scheduling Sheet with Notes - Printable

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A printable scheduling sheet with notes, with 3 columns, to help you stay organized at work or at home throughout the day with appointments or tasks. The first column is for the time, ranging from 6:00 am through 7:00 pm, in 15 minute increments. The second column is for the Name or Task, for appointments, interviews, meetings, or for Task Names. The third column is for Notes. You can use this column to explain the meeting or task. You can utilize this column for other notes relevant to your day, even if nothing is scheduled during those times. This schedule sheet is perfect for small businesses where you want to write schedules for the day by hand, or for people on the go that need more organization in their day.


  • Front and back page alignments to allow for a 3-hole punch for binder inclusion.
  • When using in a binder, use the hole-punch on the left side of the 1st page for a front and back schedule page. Use the hole-punch on the right side of the 1st page for facing pages.
  • Times for scheduling range from 6:00am through 7:00pm, accommodating a majority of business hours.
  • 15 minute increments.
  • 3 columns per side: Time, Name/Task, Details/Notes.
  • The Notes column can be used for any notes for the day, in the rows where you do not have appointments or tasks scheduled, to make the most of your unused space on the page.
  • Write the date at the top of both sides.
  • Print forever. Keep this file, printing your schedule sheets as you need them, never needing to buy scheduling books.


  • 2-page (for front and back printing) 8.5" x 11" printable PDF file.
  • Clean and simple design.
  • There is a border on each side, ideal for most printers, and allowing either the left or right side of the page to be 3-hole-punched.
  • Digital/Printable purchase. No physical goods will be sent.
  • Room for 3-hole punch on both sides (DIY).
  • Print a new Scheduling Sheet with Notes page every time you need more.
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