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Sinking Funds Savings Chart, 6 Months Weekly - Printable

Sinking Funds Savings Chart, 6 Months Weekly - Printable

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A printable sinking funds savings chart to help you save up for anything you want or need. This sinking funds chart is for when you have a goal or item to save money over 6 months when you have weekly pay periods or plan to put money aside every week.

⭐ How it works:

  • Personalize this worksheet with the name of the thing or goal for which you're saving.
  • Enter the total amount you need to save.
  • This sheet will then auto-calculate the weekly amount you'll need to save every week.
  • It will also pre-fill your progressive totals next to your weekly boxes, keeping track of the total amount that will be saved as you go.
  • As you save your money every week, use a marker or crayon or whatever else you want to use to fill in the boxes for that period in the progress bar as you go so you can see your savings progress!

⭐ NOTE: This is only for:

  • 6 Month time period.
  • Weekly savings.


  • 8.5" x 11" printable PDF page. (Use PDF Reader to make the applicable edits).
  • 6 Months.
  • Weekly savings.
  • Personalize the item/goal for which you're saving.
  • Chart auto-calculates all sub-totals when you edit your total amount.
  • The lack of a currency symbol makes this chart work for most currencies.
  • Easily keep track of your progress while saving.
  • Print new sinking fund charts as needed.
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