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Small Business Returns and Refunds Tracking Page with Status Columns - Printable

Small Business Returns and Refunds Tracking Page with Status Columns - Printable

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A printable full page Small Business Returns and Refunds Tracker page that is a handy tool for small business entrepreneurs and sole-proprietors to use to track their returns and refunds, from problem orders, and easily view their statuses. As problems can be inevitable during your holiday season or all year long sales, this page allows you to follow along with your orders that need extra attention to make sure they're resolved as most order systems don't have a special way to view these problems.

The column of circles on the right side area allow you to fill them in to immediately show you what is happening with the order.

This list can easily be included in a binder if you use a 3-hole punch. Room for the holes has been made at the top. Print as many sheets as you need, or a new sheet every time you need one. The design of this list is clean and simple, allowing for minimal use of printer ink, saving a business money.

Order information to track:

  • Whether the return or refund has been completed.
  • Date return or refund initiated.
  • Order Number or Name.
  • Product Involved.
  • Reason for Return or Refund.
  • Amount of refund (if applicable).

The column of circles towards the right allows you to fill them in as you complete each applicable level of the return or refund's completion:

  • Defective.
  • Replacement Sent.
  • Other Return Reason.
  • Item is Being Returned.
  • Return Received.
  • Refund Issued.


  • 8.5" x 11" printable PDF page.
  • Full page list.
  • Excellent for small businesses.
  • Digital/Printable purchase. No physical goods will be sent. (Pen not included).
  • Print a new Small Business Returns and Refunds Tracking page every time you need more.
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