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Tithe Record with Auto-Calculating Total - Printable

Tithe Record with Auto-Calculating Total - Printable

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An editable PDF printable Tithe Record with Auto-Calculating Total for keeping track of family or individual donations. This editable page has 52 rows columns for date, cash or check number, description of donation, and with amounts that auto-calculate a total at the top of the page. You can personalize this tithe record with the year at the top along with your name or family name, address, and phone number if you want.

This page is offset to the right in case you want to include your tithe record in a binder once you've printed it.


  • Year.
  • Individual or Family information (name, address, and optional phone).
  • Dates column.
  • "Cash" or Check # column.
  • Description of donation column.
  • Amounts column.
  • "Page Total" at the top, which displays the sums of all amounts in the rows (auto-calculates).

⚠️ NOTE:
• When a row is not in use, use 0.00 in that amount column to help the Page Total calculate.
• The total is specified as a Page Total in case you need to utilize more than one page, more than 52 donations.
• You do not have to use all 52 rows (just keep 0.00 in the rows you do not use).
• You may wish to save a blank, 0.00 amounts, tithe record for use the next year, to avoid having to delete all the fields when you start the next year over.
• This is an editable PDF file, not a computer program. It is not interactive with any accounting software or any other program. Adobe Acrobat Reader is most recommended for all editing.

⚠️ Fonts, colors, and sections are available only as shown. The layout cannot be changed. Text positions cannot be moved. Everything is available as shown, you just change the information shown and the amounts.


  • 8.5" x 11" printable PDF page.
  • Simple and clean.
  • Offset to the right for binder inclusion.
  • Amounts auto-calculate a page total at the top.
  • Edit your page throughout the year and print upon completion for your records.
  • Edit and print a new printable Tithe Record with Auto-Calculating Total page as needed.
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